Letter: Fair-weather critics


I can only think of one word to describe how I feel about the Riley Nelson luscious locks situation: disappointment.

My disappointment is not with Riley and his hair.

There are many things in the world that interest me more than another dude’s hair.

It wouldn’t have mattered to me if he’d taken off his helmet to reveal a George Washington-style wig.

No, my disappointment lies in the writers to the Readers’ Forum.

For years you have entertained us with your chastising of those who don’t attend devotionals, those devoid of charity who have the nerve to utter a “boo” at a sporting event, idolaters who worship The Jimmer and most recently the sinful BYU athletes who train in anything less than their warm-ups.

Imagine my disappointment when Tuesday’s edition of the Readers’ Forum was not filled with letters complaining about Riley Nelson’s hair.

I hope this campus isn’t full of fair-weather chastisers who withhold their wrath just because the football team won.

Eric Maughan
Burnt Hills, N.Y.

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