Police Beat, Sept. 30 to Oct. 4


Criminal mischief

  • On Oct. 4 the police found lewd graffiti on a men’s restroom stall in Motion Picture Studio in River Park.
  • On Oct. 1 at Heritage Halls, a student reported a broken, wooden door to the stairway access to the rooftop. Nothing was found except the damaged door.


  • On Oct. 4, a couple was reported having a verbal argument at Wymount Terrace. An officer arrived and helped them out. No domestic violence was committed.


  • On Oct. 3, a $800 bike was stolen from the bike rack outside the MARB. The bike has not been found.

Suspicious activity

  • On Oct. 3, someone was reported sitting in a truck and smoking at the parking lots at Helaman Halls. An officer arrived and the suspects were adults. No crime was committed and no further action was taken.
  • On Oct. 3, someone reported a suspicious male in a yellow shirt and shorts in the law building. The suspect could not be found when the police arrived.
  • On Oct. 2, a student reported hearing a possible gunshot at Wyview Park. The officer arrived and could not determine what the sound was.


  • On Oct. 2, two females were found inside the LaVell Edwards Stadium at night. The police officer gave them citations for criminal trespassing.
  • On Oct. 2, a male was found climbing into the LaVell Edwards Stadium. The suspect was identified and released.

Property damage

  • On Sept. 30, after the football game, excited fans opened the stadium gate 5 incorrectly and slammed it to a parked truck.

Disorderly conduct

  • On Oct. 1, the police got a report about a soda can that was throw from the sidewalk to a car. There was no damage to the car and the suspect was gone when the police officer arrived.
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