General Conference (Sunday morning): President Henry B. Eyring


President Henry B. Eyring taught how the Book of Mormon helps us fulfill our charge and promise to Heavenly Father.

He encouraged members in their efforts on the path to eternal life.

“The effect of the Book of Mormon on your character and your power to be a witness for God is certain,” he said. “The doctrine and the valiant examples in that book will lift, guide and embolden you.”

Using many stories from the Book of Mormon, President Eyring taught that as we live charitably, witness of God and endure to the end, we will live up to our charge. Members across the world gave service and participated in volunteer work, bringing strong feelings of the love of God to those served.

President Eyring told a story of an experience he had speaking at a university. School representatives told him because their university respected all religious beliefs, he could not witness of Jesus Christ during his presentation. President Eyring prayed fervently and followed the promptings he received to speak on the similar humanitarian efforts of the church and this university. His audience was receptive and after his address he learned of the spirit which attended the meeting, bearing witness of Jesus Christ.

President Eyring continued by recounting stories of miracles that came to those who endured. He told of one woman who suffered from terminal cancer. President Eyring chose to take his daughters with him to visit this old friend. She invited the girls in and warmed their hearts. This faithful woman had brought happiness to many throughout her life.

“She had spend most of her life succoring children for the Lord… And she had experienced joy long enough herself to be able to endure in His loving service,” he said.

President Eyring closed by pleading that we “drink deeply and often from [the Book of Mormon]’s pages.”

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