General Conference (Sunday afternoon): Elder J. Devn Cornish


Prayer is one of the most precious gifts of God to man, said Elder J. Devn Cornish.

Elder Cornish described the relationship between man and God.

“He is real; He knows each of us individually; and He loves us, every one,” Elder Cornish said. “He wants to bless us.”

He taught that God wants to answer simple as well as big prayers as long as they are honest.

“Honesty is essential in requesting things from God,” Elder Cornish said. “It would not be fully honest, for example, to ask the Lord for help on a test in school if I have not paid attention in class, done the homework assigned, or studied for the test.”

Elder Cornish said prayers are a privilege because it opens up communication between Heavenly Father and man. He said prayer requires work.

“I am deeply grateful for the privilege of going to my holy Heavenly Father in prayer,” Elder Cornish said. “I am thankful for the countless times He has heard and answered me.”


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