General Conference (Saturday afternoon): Elder LeGrand R. Curtis Jr.


Elder LeGrand R. Curtis Jr. spoke of the importance of redemption in overcoming spiritual and physical death.

Jehovah redeeming the people of Israel is a theme repeated many times throughout the scriptures, Elder Curtis said. It is repeated to “remind the people of the Lord’s goodness.”

Redemption does not come by “corruptible things, as silver or gold,” as under the Law of Moses. Instead, the redemption that comes through the Atonement includes “the overcoming of physical death for all of God’s children,” Elder Curtis said.

“Through His suffering and death, Christ paid for the sins of all mankind on condition of individual repentance,” Elder Curtis said.

Whether a person has strayed significantly from the paths of righteousness or has desperately tried to live a good life, everyone needs this redemption, Elder Curtis said.

“If we repent, we can be forgiven for our sins, the price having been paid by our Redeemer,” Elder Curtis said. “This is good news for us all.”

All must repent and come unto the Savior to receive “all the blessings of eternal life,” Elder Curtis said.

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