Word to the Ys — Sept. 30


“He looks a lot better these days.” — University archivist Gordon Dane, on a 1950 photograph of Cosmo the Cougar at the Harold B. Lee Library.

“If they’re not willing to try it, I’m like ‘I don’t know if I’m interested in you anymore.’” — Joel Tobey, frequent customer of the Games Center’s X2 Exceed dancing game, on female reactions to the game during his former bachelor years.

“It’s kind of like running into a gunslinger nemesis in an old Western movie. I meet up with one of my competitors, and we have an old-fashioned Pokemon duel.” — Levi Pratt, on his on-campus run-ins with other Pokemon fans.

“When the stock markets are up, skirts are up. Stock markets are down right now, skirts are down.”  — Dawna Baugh, professor in the School of Family Life, on the fluctuation of women’s hemlines.

“It feels more like a blog than a cookie-cutter social media site.” — Chantel Laser, on Facebook’s upcoming “Timeline” feature, which allows users to change the size and prominence of items on their profile.

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