Police Beat – Week of Sept. 28



Two individuals were caught stealing textbooks at the Bookstore. One suspect resisted arrest, and after a scuffle he was taken into custody. The other suspect got away.

A catalytic converter was cut from underneath a car in Wyview Park. Its estimated worth is $25- $30.A $500 bike was stolen from the Talmadge Building. It was not locked up.

A student thought he found his stolen bike by the Kimball Tower. Officers checked the serial number and determined it was not his bike.

A student reported his backpack stolen. He found it later.

Suspicious Activity

A male was soliciting donation for charity at the Smith Field House weight room. He was asked to leave.

A man in a Jeep was reported to be smoking marijuana in a lot south of campus. Officers arrived and found no one matching the description.

There was a call reporting two suspicious people sleeping on a sidewalk. Officers arrived and discovered they were not sleeping and were not on the sidewalk. They were lying on the grass talking to each other.

A middle-aged man was reported laying in the grass with his shirt off outside Helaman Halls. The man was not breaking any laws so officers let him be.

Two individuals were reported drinking and smoking marijuana. They ran away when officers arrived.

A student was trying to scare girls in their dorm in Heritage Halls by knocking on the window. He broke the window, cut himself and needed stitches.

Disorderly Conduct

A man claimed another man rammed him with a stroller at the bus stop. He believed the other man was cutting in line. The matter is under investigation.

Two people got into a fight at the football game after one person asked the other to sit down. They were expelled from the game.

Two juveniles were referred to juvenile court for stealing a marker and a lanyard from the Bookstore outlet at the stadium.

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