So you think you know the HBLL?


The Harold B. Lee library hosted the Fall Services Fair Monday near Brigham Square to introduce students and faculty to under-utilized areas and services provided by the Harold B. Lee Library.

The theme of the fair centered around the question “Did you know?” The various groups and services provided in the library were highlighted by posters describing the area they represented.

“Did you know that the library has a sixth floor?” or “Did you know that the library is helping you save the earth?” were rhetorical questions presented to encourage students to learn more.

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Did you know the library has a sixth floor? Go to Brigham Square to get all your HBLL questions answered.
Capitalizing on the opportunity to advertise, the library staff enticed students to participate by offering free Y-shaped donuts, candy and a chance to win an iPad.

Roger Layton the communications manager for the library, encouraged students to use all the tools they offer.

“We have so many services that people don’t know about all of them,” he said. “For many students the library is bigger than their high school, so it can be intimidating.”

Each area highlighted demonstrated its value to the students by showing what it had to offer.

The L. Tom Perry Special Collections was highlighted by showing priceless objects.

Gordon Dane, the university archivist, was present with a body-guard to protect the valuable objects he showed. On his table was a copy of a first-edition Book of Mormon worth anywhere between $40,000-80,000.

“We have an early copy of Dracula and photo of Brigham Young Academy,” he said. “Oh, and one of my favorites, a photo of Cosmo circa 1950. He looks a lot better these days.”

He said students can come down to special collections anytime to see the artifacts.

Anna Brinegar, a senior American studies major from Indianapolis, Ind., works in the media center. She said she believes the services she provides are overlooked.

“Its the hidden jewel of the library,” she said. “When people find out they can check out movies for FHE or take dates to the media rooms they are excited.

Many students were surprised to learn the library has a sixth floor dedicated to cataloging.

“We are really friendly,” Brinegar said. “And always willing to help.”

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