Women’s rugby smashes Utah State in season opener


Most people who have played in a sporting event have faced an opponent whose level of play did not match their own. In those situations, one of two things happens — the better team plays down to the others level and it’s a close game, or they can work on their own game and demolish the other team.

For the BYU women’s rugby team, playing down a level just wasn’t part of the plan.

The Cougars began their season this past weekend following BYU rugby tradition by crushing the Utah State Aggies 80-3.

“We played really well,” co-captain Samantha Wright said. “Every time we set up our plays we were able to execute and they worked.”

Assistant coach Kara Remington said the team got off to a scratchy start. Within the first minute, the Aggies moved the ball far into the Cougars’ own zone. BYU stole the ball and scored its first try of the game one minute later. From that point on in the game, the Aggies did not see the Cougars side of the field until late in the second half.

“It was a great team try,” Remington said. “We were able to spread the field really well and push down the field.”

Going into the second half, the Cougars led the Aggies 69-0 only to increase the lead again scoring another try within the first few minutes of play. By the end of the game, the Cougars’ second string and only a few of the starters in continued to run up the score. Late in the contest, the Aggies had chance to put three points on the board on a penalty kick, which they capitalized on.

“It was great to see the other team was still trying at the end of the game and still trying to score,” junior wing Rebekah Siebach said. “It’s always dumb when the other team gives up, so I was glad they didn’t.”

Siebach played an important part of the Cougars’ offense, scoring the first try of the game, as well as scoring five more before the close of the game.

Several players on the team, including Siebach, said it felt great to be back in action and they hope this first game’s success is the first of many more victories to come as they seek the national championship. The players also hope the competition they face will give them more of a chance to test their abilities and improve.

“When you play a team not on the same level as you, it is really easy to play down to their level,” Remington said. “But we didn’t let that happen. I was really proud of our girls that we didn’t fall into that trap.”

The Cougars face off in their next game against the New Mexico Lobos on Oct. 8 in their first home match.

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