Police Beat – 9-21-11


Suspicious Activity

Sept. 16 – Students dressed in red were on campus. Officers went to talk to them and found the students were just in a festive mood, trying to have a good pre-game experience. The students were extremely cooperative.

Sept. 16 – A group of people were found trying to access offices on the top floors of the Tanner Building. Officers arrived and found that they were just playing a game. The group was advised to stop trying to access the offices and no criminal offense was given.

Sept. 17 – A female tenant looked out her kitchen window and saw a guy dressed in dark clothing staring back at her. Officers were called to the scene, but couldn’t locate anyone matching the description.

Sept. 20 – An adult male, not associated with the university, was soliciting donations at the Smith Fieldhouse for an orphanage. Officers were called to the scene and told him he couldn’t solicit and the man left campus.


Sept. 5 – A backpack was stolen from the Smith Fieldhouse. The backpack contained $425 worth of merchandise, including a PlayStation, iPod and a math book.

Sept. 19 – A bike was stolen from the Information Technology Building. The bike was worth $600.

Sept. 20 – Someone was playing basketball at the Richards Building and left his wallet and keys on the court. The wallet and keys were gone when he came back from playing. The stolen items have not been recovered.

Public Peace

Sept. 18 – A citizen reported too much noise coming from LaVell Edwards Stadium at 2 a.m. Officers went to the scene and found the noise was coming from a machine used to clean the stadium.


Sept. 17 – Two male subjects were caught fighting at the football game. Neither were affiliated with the university. One was issued a misdemeanor for assault.

Disorderly Conduct

Sept. 16 – Three male subjects from the University of Utah were found carrying a dead deer out of the bed of their truck and taking it to the north ramp above N. Campus Drive. Officers were called and the scene is now under criminal investigation with charges pending.

Sept. 17 – A group of five individuals were found trying to remove the plastic wrapping around the cougar statue. Officers arrived at the scene and found the students just wanting to take a picture with the cougar. They thought the plastic wrap had been a prank. No criminal offense was given.


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