Longboarding in Nunn’s Park to be restricted


The Utah County Commissioner’s office is making plans for new warning signs and restrictions for longboarders in Provo Canyon to ensure safety for all canyon visitors.

“The safety of the people in the area is a concern, but we are also concerned for the longboarders themselves,” said Utah County Commissioner Larry Ellertson. “The dangerous riders on the trail are not exclusively longboarders, however the concerns of pedestrians walking through the Nunn’s Park area generally pertain to longboarders who are not adhering to the rules.”

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Grant Rogers and Ben Brulotte carve down Seven Peaks Blvd. Longboarding is a popular alternative sport.
Ellertson said riders and pedestrians put themselves in danger when they don’t stay within the assigned lanes on the path.

“We had a number of people who wanted to prohibit longboards from the trail,” Ellertson said. “Originally we had a city ordinance that did that, but we have since changed that. We are happy that people enjoy using the trail, no matter how they decide to use it.”

Linda Christensen, an adjunct professor of organizational management and strategy from Orem, said she’s experienced the dangers of irresponsible longboarders.

“I have had to pull my children out of harms way more than once because of reckless longboarders,” Christensen said. “It is really dangerous, how fast some of them are going.”

Pete Larkin, a BYU student majoring in advertising, said gliding down Nunn’s Park on his longboard helps him unwind after a long week.

“Not only is it a really pretty ride, but it’s really relaxed and fun,” Larkin said. “You don’t have to be a pro to ride Nunn’s Park.”

The proposed law plans for the area to include speed bumps, warning signs and nighttime riding bans.

Aaron Kirk, a landscape management student from Burley, Idaho, met his wife longboarding. The activity has now become an activity that unites the couple, reminding them of their courtship.

“We usually start in Vivian Park and ride all of the way to the gas station at the end of the trail,” Kirk said.

While Kirk understands the Utah County Commission’s concerns, he said longboarders aren’t the greatest danger on the trail.

“If you look at the speed of a bicyclist as compared to a longboarder, I would think they were more dangerous,” Kirk said. “There are tons of bikers who aren’t really paying attention [on the trail]. If they pass any ordinance, I kind of feel like they are singling longboarders out.”



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