Students and alumni come together for Day of Service event


Alyssa Call

Blue balloons decorated the sidewalk near the Conference Center on Saturday for the final Y-Days event, the Day of Service. Also decorating the sidewalks: tables filled with muffins, bananas, granola bars and students ready to spend their morning serving their community.

Allison Johnson, an accounting student from Brigham City, said she was prompted to attend by her roommate and came looking to serve.

“It’s an opportunity to give,” Johnson said. “BYU gets a lot of support from the community and it’s just nice to give back.”

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Cutline: Students participate in Y-Days on Saturday outside of the BYU Conference Center.

After a breakfast, students were sent to Lakeview, Center Street and the Provo City Cemetery to begin their service activities.

“We’re going to help beautify Provo,” said Alvin Green, an event leader, majoring in molecular biology. He said service is a great way for students to feel a part of BYU.

When asked about their reason for being out early on a Saturday morning several students responded they simply love to serve.

“I’m kind of addicted to service,” said Katie Aston, from Salt Lake City, majoring in dietetics. “It’s almost selfish because I serve because I love the feelings that I get.”

Aston said the Day of Service event was a great opportunity to serve. She said she “had the time and the desire” to wake up early and serve her community.

BYU graduate, Erin Gurr, said since she graduated she’s been looking for some other things to do.

“I decided to come serve, I look forward to having this connection with the school now that I’m graduated,” Gurr said.

Another student looking to serve was Noelle Reid, a trumpet performance major from Orem. She said  since her mission, she’s been looking for ways to serve and meet people.

“My favorite part of service is the good feeling you get afterward,” Reid said. “Life is better when you get outside yourself.”

Students weren’t the only people out at the event. BYU alumni Randy and Carolyn Sorensen said they came out to serve and keep up the good reputation of BYU. They were asked about the importance for students to take advantage of service opportunities.

“Students are taking and taking and service is giving,” Carolyn Sorensen said. “Even small contributions can make a difference.”

Volunteers were encouraged to interact with each other during their time serving. Students were reminded of the knowledge that alumni have and to take advantage of that during the service event.

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