Campus restaurants keep a low profile


Students often keep their favorite on-campus restaurants a secret in a selfish attempt to secure shorter waiting lines and higher-quality meals.

BYU has a wide variety of restaurants, delis and snack bars on campus that remain under the radar. Groups of devoted students habitually eat at their favorite establishments on campus that are less visible than the eateries on the main floor in the Wilkinson Student Center.

Alex Steele, a photography student from Monarch Beach, Calif., is a fan of the exclusive restaurants on campus.

“The best food on campus hands down is at The Pendulum Court,” Steele said. “I hate to admit it to the newspaper how much I love the place for fear that it will get too crowded.”

Dean A. Wright, director of dining services at BYU, has propelled BYU’s dining experience into the national collegiate spotlight. Since being appointed the director of dining services, BYU has expanded the variety and quality of food on campus.

“We are one of the largest collegiate dining programs and the recipient of numerous national awards,” Wright said in an email. “We recognize that we cannot be everything to everybody so we try our best to present a culinary experience which enhances the collegiate experience.”

Wright said many of the smaller restaurants, including the MOA Cafe, located in the Museum of Art, and Legends Grille often go unnoticed by the student body. Because many of the on-campus restaurants are difficult to find, adventurous eaters hunt for BYU’s tastiest place to eat.

Erik Mayer, a senior from Santa Cruz, Calif., studying neuroscience, embarked on a journey with his friends last year to find Provo’s best cheeseburger.

“We visited all of the popular burger spots in Provo,” Mayer said. “Someone boldly suggested that we go to a place in the Wilk called Orville and Wilbur’s. The burgers were delicious and Orville and Wilbur’s remains my favorite burger joint in Provo to this day.”

Jeremy Crow, full-time supervisor of Taco Bell, Scoreboard Grill and Orville and Wilbur’s on campus, said the most popular item on the menu at Orville and Wilbur’s is the old fashioned burger. According to Crow, Scoreboard Grill makes a quality burger at the gourmet level by using meat that is never frozen, along with fresh buns and produce.

If students are looking to avoid the lines of The Cougareat, Crow said they can head to the first floor of the Wilk in the BYU Games Center to test Orville and Wilbur’s burger.

“The fact that the place is tucked away and doesn’t get much business means you will be able to avoid the lines,” Crow said.

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