BYUSA: a good way to get involved


BYU students are often charged to enter to learn and go forth to serve, but many students want to serve while still in school. Where do they begin?

BYUSA, a student service organization, held an information meeting for students who are interested in serving while still attending school.

How to get involved in service is a difficulty many face. The solution is to look in the right spot. According to Brandon Hatch, BYUSA’s vice president of Communications, BYUSA is similar to student government but focuses more on service. Hatch emphasized that all BYU students receive help in the form of low tuition costs.

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Students attend a BYU/SA meeting on Thursday at the Varsity Theater in the Wilkinson Center.

“BYUSA is a gift office,” Hatch said. “It allows students to pay forward the help they have received.”

Students in all stages often find it difficult to get involved while still meeting the demands of a top-rated education. The info meeting held Thursday introduced students to a variety of service opportunities.

Rachel Smith, an executive director in administration for BYUSA, planned the info meeting and remembered her first experience with BYUSA.

“I thought they did nothing,” Smith said. “I went [to BYUSA] trying to improve it and I was surprised to find everyone to be so genuine. It is the best decision I’ve ever made.”

Smith’s goals for the info meeting were to increase involvement, increase awareness and provide opportunities to network and connect with other students and officers of BYUSA. Students in attendance learned the mission and vision of BYUSA and then mingled with different BYUSA officers.

In addition to having an administration and communication department, BYUSA oversees all BYU clubs, promotes the Honor Code, runs activities and has a student advisory council that was partly responsible for fostering the change in the Honor Code that now allows students to wear shorts and sandals on campus.

Freshman Melanie Klingler from Idaho Falls, Idaho, attended the meeting in an effort to get involved.

“I want to get involved,” Klingler said. “In a school this large it’s really up to you to decide how involved you’re going to be.  Your college experience is what you decide to make it. College is so much more than just the academic part. It’s about becoming who you want to be.”

Students desiring to get involved can visit the BYUSA office in room 3400 Wilkinson Student Center or visit

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