Students can get international study information at fair


Instead of daydreaming about having class near an opera house or studying Italian cuisine for a semester, students can actually explore the options provided by International Study Programs.

The Kennedy Center is holding a fair to give information to students about opportunities that exist at BYU through international study.

Students are encouraged to come enjoy food, listen to music by the BYU International Fold Music Ensemble and enter to win prizes at the International Study Programs Fair today from 11 a.m.-2 p.m. The fair will take place at the Marigold Mall just east of the Herald R. Clark Building. Many students on campus are interested in going abroad, but do not know how to go about it.  The fair will help students receive information about the Kennedy Center’s many opportunities for students to travel internationally.

“The fair will be a cultural explosion with information about every program from every country that the Kennedy Center offers,” said Michelle Rubio, the public relations facilitator for the Kennedy Center.

The David M. Kennedy Center for International Studies offers four types of programs.  Study abroad, internships, field studies and direct enrollments in foreign countries encompass many international opportunities for students all over the world.

“I would encourage any student that is looking into an international career or looking to expand their view of the world to study abroad,” said Lynn Elliott, director of International Study Programs.

The fair will have booths separated by continents so students can narrow down where they want to go.  Representatives, who are personally involved or have been to that area of the world, will stand at each booth.

“I think that going abroad is a good experience,” said Alyssa Child, a senior who studied abroad in Italy. “It adds more depth into everything that you study, and it gives more insight than being in a classroom on campus.”

The programs BYU offer provide unique opportunities for all students in any field of study.

“Regardless of what you are majoring in, there is an opportunity to get some course work done while you are abroad,” Elliot said.

Many students do not consider studying internationally because of costs. BYU provides many ways for students to afford the program they want.

“There is always a way to work out finances so that this opportunity is available for all students,” Elliot said.

Scholarships for international study programs are available. Students can apply current scholarships and financial aid to the cost of their international experience.

After the fair, students are not left on their own to find out information and apply to the programs. Additional information will be available for students through student facilitators in 101 HRCB. Student facilitators will assist applicants with the application process and answer any questions.

“Every student should make an international trip part of their education at BYU,” Rubio said.

Students can view a complete directory of all International Study Programs at

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