‘Crucial Conversations’ author hosts date night


Best-selling author and motivational speaker Ron McMillan will host a “date night” event for couples Friday to help improve communication for the household.

“Crucial Conversations” is a four-time best-selling book by McMillan. He and colleague Emily Hoffman will host the event at the Provo City Library. This special date night is supported by VitalSmarts, United Way of Utah County and Cupcake Chic. All proceeds will go to the the United Way of Utah County. The date night will help strengthen relationships by teaching married couples about effective communication.

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Best-selling author Ron McMillan is hosting an event for couples this Friday at the Provo City Library.
McMillan has conducted 25 years of research on how people hold crucial conversations with each other. His first book, “Crucial Conversations,” was released 10 years ago and has sold more than 2 million copies worldwide. This event will be a release of his second edition with the same name but reveals new information and techniques for handling high-stress conversations.





Laura Potter, media relations specialist for Vitalsmarts, and her husband, David Potter, a BYU graduate from Cottonwood Heights, participated in last year’s date night and said these events are really fun for everyone.

“Ron McMillan is a wonderful presenter,” Laura Potter said. “The Crucial Conversations Date Night will be a fun, entertaining and beneficial experience for couples.”

David Potter said he had a blast at last year’s date night.

“It was a fantastic date,” David said. “Not only were the presenters entertaining, but the communication skills taught were very valuable.”

The VitalSmarts website says during the event participants will learn hows to be 100 percent honest and 100 percent respectful, how to listen and to be heard and manage escalating emotions in crucial situations.  Having worked with more than 300 Fortune 500 companies, McMillan will discuss how families will be able to better communicate with each other.

“My colleague Emily Hoffman and I are both looking forward to sharing these skills.” McMillan said. “The skills in ‘Crucial Conversations Second Edition’ provide the necessary tools to talk effectively and respectfully when … emotions run high.”

“Crucial Conversations Second Edition” will be released for purchase at this event. The date night will go from 7-9 p.m. Friday in the Academy Square, 550 N. University Ave., Provo, with a $5 admission fee.

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