Survive your date at the Museum of Peoples, Culture


Tucked away a block south of campus, the Museum of Peoples and Cultures may seem like an extension of The Elms. However, this little-known building is actually one of BYU’s four museums, where students can bring a date this weekend and engage in some friendly competition.

BYU’s Museum of Peoples and Cultures will hold its tri-annual “Survivor Date Night” Friday at 7 p.m. During the date night, couples will be divided into tribes, who will then compete in four activities to get the most points for their group. The challenges include trivia, an eating challenge and a chance to dig up and repair artifacts. The tribe receiving the most points will win a special prize for each tribe member, and the best couple will also receive a prize.

Kari Nelson, curator of education at the museum, said students can expect a unique, relaxed dating opportunity whether they’re married or on their first date.

“It’s a great chance to get to know your date better while also learning things about the museum,” Nelson said.

Currently celebrating its 50-year anniversary, the Museum of Peoples and Cultures offers two free exhibits,  set up by archaeology and museum studies majors. “Entwined: A Vibrant Heritage of the Modern Maya,” showcases various contemporary Mayan textiles and the process involved in the textile creation. “Beneath Your Feet: Discovering the Archaeology of Utah Valley,” focuses on the Fremont, farmers who lived in Utah Valley more than 1,000 years ago. Many of the artifacts in this gallery have been excavated by BYU archaeology students.

“Each of these exhibits show how we can relate to these cultures, how they were like us,” said Debbie Smith, program coordinator at the museum.

In addition to its different themed date nights, the Museum of Peoples and Cultures also hosts home evening groups for YSA wards every second and fourth Monday of the month. Starting at 7 p.m., the evening includes a tour of the museum, games and a chance to make pottery.

“We want people to remember that there is a fourth museum on campus,” Smith said. “It’s a great place to learn more about different cultures.”

McKenna Cooper, a junior from Eugene, Ore., volunteers at the museum and said she enjoys learning about the history of the exhibits she works on.

“It’s  cool to discover the history of where you live,” Cooper said. “There are some really neat things in these collections.”

Tickets for the event are $10 per couple and are available at the Wilkinson Student Center Information Desk. For more information visit or call 801-422-0020.

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