Police Beat for Sept 14


Sept. 10- Two Heritage Halls residents came home to find five unknown males sleeping in their dorm room. They did not notify police in time to find them, but a picture was taken on a cellular device.
Sept. 12- Several students were caught trespassing after hours on the preschool playground on the west side of the JFSB after hours.

Suspicious Activity
Sept. 9- Two males were seen in the middle of the road on campus drive. One was said to be lying on his back and the other standing over him.
Sept. 12- A man was seen outside the Wilkinson Center holding two backpacks and a purse.

Sept. 12- A Wyoming driver’s license and debit card was taken from a tenant of Helaman Halls. There are no suspects.

Criminal Mischief
Sept. 10- The word “Horn” was found painted on the curb on 1430 North. It appears a black marker was used to graffiti the sidewalk.
Sept. 9- Three male students rocketed a water balloon at a window at Helaman Halls, shattering the window. The perpetrators came forward, so no legal action was taken.

Sept. 7- Sept. 13 – Three bikes were stolen.
Sept. 10- A vehicle was stolen from a campus parking lot in the middle of the night. This is the second stolen this year.

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