Making a film in 72 hours


Brothers Mark Nott and Matt Nott instructed a hit woman dressed in black how to slip through the darkness to assassinate her nemesis in the Wells Fargo parking structure at 3 a.m.

Not to worry — the Provo bubble remains a safe place to live.

Eleven groups of amateur filmmakers met at Muse Music Cafe two weeks ago to embark on the “Ignite 72HR Film Making Marathon.” Each group had three days to film stories potentially ranging from seven seconds to five minutes. To assure filmmaking did not take place before the 72-hour contest began, teams were invited to incorporate a specific concept in their films. Immediately following the kickoff meeting, teams disbursed to begin shooting their short stories.

[media-credit name=”Photo by Matt Nott” align=”alignleft” width=”300″][/media-credit]
Branden Rosenlof, Garit Heaton and Celeste Rosenlof shoot their film for a filmmaking marathon being hosted at Muse Music Cafe tonight.
Matt Nott, who studies audio engineering at Full Sail University, an online school, helped his brother Mark direct a short murder-mystery film about a hit woman who is trying to access data from “The Company.”

According to Matt Nott, film festivals are great opportunities for film enthusiasts to showcase their talents and have fun with friends.

“This was our first attempt at a serious film,” he  said. “We’re kind of goofballs, and being such, most of our films have been comedies. When it comes to film festivals, it’s about the project to us. It’s like working on an old car with friends. Yes, it’s serious work, but between the parts that require your full attention, it’s all fun and games.”

The marathon also requires quite a balancing act. Freshman Carly Sonne managed five freshman boys while directing her group’s story about a cursed dorm room. Sonne threw herself into the deep end during filming, trying to gather her bearings in her first week at BYU while spending close to 15 hours on her film.

“It takes time to act out scenes, capture it all on camera, upload it onto a computer and edit the many cuts into a flowing film,”█ she said. “It’s also challenging doing it during school. Personally, I get lost in a film project. My mind focuses solely on the project at hand and I tend to forget my other responsibilities.”█

Muse Music Cafe will showcase all 11 short films tonight at 8 p.m.

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