Bill Nye the Science Guy visits UVU


By Katie Clark

Bill Nye the Science Guy, a popular television star in classrooms and homes across the country since the early 1990s will visit Utah Valley University today.

Every year, UVU makes an effort to bring in great speakers for its student body and the surrounding community, said David Millet, vice president of academics for UVU’s student association. Last February, the academic senate portion of UVUSA issued surveys asking the student body who they would like to hear from. Each time, Bill Nye came back as a top contender, Millet said.

“I took this information and began to develop plans for speakers this year when I was elected in March,” Millet said. “We contacted the speakers bureau and worked on finalizing a contract for Bill Nye to come speak.”

Many students have fond memories of watching Nye growing up, including Michelle Lindsey, a junior majoring in  recreation management and youth leadership from Fairmount, W.Va.

“Bill Nye is the reason why I became interested in science,” Lindsey said. “It was always so much fun to each his episodes and see what type of crazy things he was going to do.”

Because this is an open event, anyone in the community is invited to attend the presentation. Lindsey said she thought it was generous of UVU to allow anyone to attend.

“I think it builds great bonds between different universities in the area and just the general public when forums are available to anyone that wants to see them,” she said.

While the topic of his speech is not known, the university has been assured that he will be giving a “motivational speech to the students at UVU”, according to the contract. His speech will last about an hour and then there will be a Q-and-A session afterward, Millet said. Following the Q-&-A, Nye will conduct a meet and greet. Participants will be able to take photographs and talk with him briefly.

Students are invited to post questions and comments directed to Nye on the UVUSA’s Facebook page. According to the Facebook page, three students will be chosen to interact with Nye based on comments made on the page. The categories on which comments will be judged are funniest experience with Nye, most unique experience with Nye and most educational experience with Nye.

The presentation will start at noon and go until 2 p.m. in the UVU Grande Ballroom in the Sorensen Student Center. The speaking portion of the presentation will be first. Afterward, students and other guests are invited to come and go as they please.

More information can be found on the UVUSA facebook page at

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