Letter: Sexist advertisement



While walking back to my workstation at University Career Services, I stumbled across an advertisement on our job board.

“Employees needed to work:

The Skinny: Your job is to man the shack and keep it spiffy. If someone wants some product, you make it. Then you exchange currency. Further instructions will be provided upon hire. You will be awarded $8 an hour for your duties.

Stipulations: You must:

Be a girl (Don’t Ask Don’t Tell applies), be good with money, be friendly, be honest and attract hordes of men with your seduction prowess (we are liberal here).”

I can’t decide my favorite part of the job description: the condescending description of how to sell the product or the final stipulation.

No intellect or specific skills are required. Just an attractive female.

My co-workers and I were appalled that this individual (student or not) would post something this offensive at BYU.

This advertisement is tasteless and evidence of prevailing sexism. To the business that posted this advertisement, I would like to remind you that this is BYU, not Hooters.

Katie Collins
Whittier, Calif.


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