Letter: Sacrilegious sentiments


Labor Day weekend brought me to Provo for a short visit.

Imagine my surprise to see the “Football Preview” edition of The Daily Universe bearing a headline that excerpted “The Standard of Truth,” one of the most revered and oft quoted of Joseph Smith’s writings, to celebrate BYU’s abandonment of its conference affiliation, in pursuit of BCS glory.

Free at last! Free at last!

Free from the tyranny of Utah State, Colorado State and Wyoming.

Of course, with Texas A&M’s departure for the SEC and the collapse of the Big 12, the emergence of a 16 team super-conference is imminent.

All this painting your face blue and screaming “freedom” will be replaced with earnest discussions about how the football team being part of the Big-Pacific-Southwest 16 will enhance our national stature and therefore increase missionary work worldwide.

Seriously, “Boldly Independent?”

Somewhere in a southern Illinois graveyard, a certain religious leader is spinning fast enough to power the lights at the Great and Spacious … LaVell Edwards Stadium.

Cort McMurray


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