UTA’s Newest Student Transit Pass


UTA continues to partner with BYU to provide students with a new Student Transit Pass, replacing the Ed Pass.

The new UTA Student Transit Pass has 30-day and semester-long bus pass options available online for purchase, replacing the old Ed Pass. BYU has established a fund to subsidize a small portion of the cost of the Student Transit Pass. The fund to subsidize students is limited. According to a BYU news release, BYU expects the fund to run out during the 2011 Fall Semester.

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Students get onto the bus outside the Wilkinson Center Wednesday morning. UTA is providing a new Student Discounted pass.
The price of the Student Transit Pass is $56.25 for a regular 30-day pass or $212 for a regular semester-long pass. Until funds are gone, BYU will subsidize $10 for the 30-day passes, or $50 for the semester-long passes.


“BYU doesn’t charge fees, like other schools, that go toward a student transit pass,” said UTA spokesman, Gerry Carpenter, regarding an explanation of the increase in price of a student transit pass.

“At University of Utah, they charge parking and have extra student fees in order for students to have a transit pass,” Carpenter said.

Carpenter said UTA and BYU began a relationship in 2001. He said it is BYU and UTA’s goal to provide a program that is financially sustainable. Even with the rise in cost, many students are still choosing to ride the bus. Students don’t have to worry about parking or the high cost of owning and driving a car.

“My friends told me that the UTA is the best way to go,” said Meredith Long, a public relations major from Chandler, Ariz. “You’re saving time, money and it’s convenient for class times.”

Many students choose to use the bus system when getting to and from class, but it’s also used by many to get to work and around Utah County.

“The bus is cheaper than driving, it’s convenient and quick to get between school and work,” said E. J. Morgan, an exercise science major from Spanish Fork. “Especially within Provo, the buses are pretty frequent. One of the biggest benefits is that you don’t have to worry about parking.”

Morgan had the Ed Pass and now has the StudentTransit Pass, and said, even with the price increase, it’s still the best option for him.

UTA’s Student Transit Pass is just one way BYU is working to provide more transportation options for students. Another option for students is the car-sharing program provided by Hertz. Two new programs are also coming to BYU. A bike-sharing program available 2011 Fall Semester will service students living at Wyview Park initially. For students living off-campus, in specific areas, a pilot shuttle arrangement will be available beginning January 2012.

Students can purchase a UTA Student Transit Pass at rideuta.com/studentpass.

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