Harold B. Lee released the new hit-“Gotta be scholar”


By Kyle Nguyen

The newest hit music video “Gotta be scholar” may change the attitude of unenthusiastic students about studying in the Harold B. Lee library.

The communication department of the HBLL has continuously released products to promote the library in the past few years. After the successful “New Spice,” an Old Spice parody, the library released  “Car sharing,” a zombie apocalypse. On Aug. 25, they introduced the newest production, “Gotta be scholar,” a music video.

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The newest hit music video "Gotta be scholar" may change the attitude of unenthusiastic students about studying in the
The production team combined rap hip-hop with the library. The library is promoting a cooler look for the library by combining the two, according to Derek Bodily, a senior from Idaho Falls, Idaho, who was one of the creative directors for the video.


Chris Garcia is the multimedia project manager of the HBLL.

“We wanted to create a cool promotional video for the library, kind of the same thing as the ‘New Spice’ last year,” Garcia said.

The production team started the project in mid July this year. They had about one month to brainstorm, cast, film and release the video.

“We wanted to come up with something cool but different,” Garcia said. “So we got our students and they brainstormed tons of ideas and they came up with the idea to do a rap music video for the library.”

The production team faced many challenges while making this music video, but members of the production team said they enjoyed the experience. Bodily expressed his excitement about the idea of this video.

“It was just library culture, scholarly culture and rap are different,” Bodily said. “And we think it’s interesting to turn library culture into hip-hop culture.”

Alex Wheatley, a senior from Los Altos, Calif., studying film, was another creative director of the movie.

“The choruses are great,” Wheatley said. “It kind of makes us feel like the library is awesome, it’s a big party.”

The purpose of this video is for BYU students to know that the HBLL is not only about books. The library also provides professional help and other services such as the multimedia lab and the subject librarian, said Roger Layton, communications manager of the library.

“What is going to help connect the actual real library to the actual real student, that’s important to us,” Wheatley said.

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