Communicating with the Spirit


Diane Bills Prince instructed Education Week participants Wednesday in the ins and outs of understanding the promptings of the Holy Ghost, whether it comes by a still small voice or a burning in the bosom.

“How many times in our lives do we not communicate in our lives exactly what we want to communicate?” Prince said. “The Holy Ghost is clear in his communication, but it’s important that we as members of the Church understand how he communicates.”

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Diane Bills Prince speaks in the Jesse Knight Building on Wednesday.
Prince emphasized the importance of recognizing the Spirit every day, in every situation and during times when we wouldn’t expect it.

“As we [understand the Holy Ghost] miracles will happen in our lives,” she said, “amazing and beautiful and profound miracles.”

However, Prince emphasized the difference between the Holy Ghost and the gift of the Holy Ghost. One, she said, is fleeting; the other can be with us constantly as long as we’re worthy.

“We are able to have a member of the Godhead dwell with us on a regular basis,” Prince said. “The Lord promises this first comforter.”

Through this first comforter, Prince told the students they could receive pure intelligence. This intelligence could be information for a test, but it could also be feelings, guidance and knowledge.

Prince quoted Elder Joseph B. Wirthlin, who said, “When we hear inspired counsel we obey. That is the test of wise or foolish. What does it profit if we listen to wise counsel and do not heed the words?”

To understand if you receive inspired counsel, Prince outlined the different ways in which the spirit could speak. First is peace to your mind and to your heart.

“If you have an icky, awful feeling, brake,” Prince said. “If you feel peaceful and calm, move ahead.”

The spirit can also create a stupor of thought, blocking out ideas and making one feel almost as if you receive no answer, she said.

“If you just feel nothing, then know it is not right,” Prince said.

Sometimes, in special occasions, Prince mentioned the Spirit can speak audibly, allowing the person to hear the words both in the mind and in the ears.

“The spirit speaks by the spirit,” Prince said, “but sometimes you will hear it out loud.”

Prince chose, because of personal promptings she was receiving, to make a promise to those in the audience.

“God keeps his promises,” she said. “If you have had a blessing upon your head, if the Spirit has spoken something silently or quietly to you and you have not seen the fulfillment of it, you will, as you are obedient.”

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