Best of Police Beat from Summer


Every semester things take place on campus that might be criminal in nature, but could raise a few eyebrows and even evoke a laugh. Here is the best of Police Beat from Summer 2011.

Citizen Dispute

July 6: A female student traveling on Campus Drive reported she was followed by a male suspect who she had accidentally cut off. When she arrived at the Creamery parking lot, the male suspect pounded on her window while screaming obscenities. She was able to back out and evade further confrontation. No suspects have been cited.

July 8: A female student was hit on the back of her head by an egg.  The projectile was launched from a moving vehicle outside the Richards Building. The student reported only a welt. No suspects have been apprehended.

Love Triangle

July 6: A male student reported being harassed by his girlfriend’s ex-husband. The suspect reportedly made harassing phone calls, text messages, threats and accusations. Upon further investigation, officers realized the suspect has a history of related incidents. Investigation is ongoing.

Suspicious Activity

July 19: A male was reported crawling around by Robison Hall wearing a “ghillie” suit — a type of camouflage clothing designed to resemble heavy foliage. Officers searched the surrounding areas. The suspect was not found.

June 24: A concerned witness notified police of flashes of light coming from the top of the bell tower. When police arrived the source of the flashes was not found.

Disorderly Conduct

June 22: Police were called when a fight broke out at a restroom in the Wilkinson Center. The caller stated that a male used a cellphone camera to take snapshots while using the urinal. The suspect left the premises before officers arrived on the scene.

June 25: A female and male student were found trespassing on the tennis courts south of campus. When asked to leave, the male student became belligerent and began hitting tennis balls toward the university employee. The suspects were identified. The university employee was not hit by the balls. The incident is under investigation.

Criminal Mischief

June 25: An expletive was keyed on a university student’s car while parked at the Creamery on Ninth. The student stated they did not know who would want to do such a thing to them. Damages are estimated at $500. No suspects have been cited.






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