Glenn Beck seeks to ‘restore courage’ in Israel


Local viewing parties will allow Utahns to participate with prominent radio host and former TV talk show host Glenn Beck as he travels to Israel with supporters to demonstrate that Israel does not stand alone.

“Israelis have demonstrated their remarkable courage by standing for freedom in the face of terrorism,” Beck said in a statement released to the press. “It is time that we show the world that Israel is not alone by standing with them and restoring courage in ourselves.”

Restoring Courage is described as a non-partisan opportunity to demonstrate to the world that Israel does not stand alone. According to a news release, three events will take place as part of Restoring Courage to unite people around the world from all walks of life in standing with Israel, reminding us of the need to have faith, honor and courage in our own lives.

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Glenn Beck’s Restoring Courage event will be held in Jerusalem on Aug. 24.
The main Restoring Courage event will be held on Aug. 24. It will begin around 5 p.m., Israel time. Leading up to the main event, two other events will take place beforehand – one on Aug.21 and one on Aug. 22. The main Restoring Courage event taking place on the 24th will be held at the Davidson Center, located at the Southern Wall Excavation site in Jerusalem.


Those wanting to attend the events in Israel will be required to have tickets . Tickets are being sold at Beck’s website Others who wish to participate but don’t want to pay the travel expenses to Israel may participate at public and private viewing parties. A map on Beck’s website has several viewing party locations in Utah to choose from.

For Lacy Smith, this was an opportunity to get involved and do something beyond just voting.

“As Americans we have an incredible legacy of courageous people,” Smith said. “Also as members of the LDS faith, we also have a legacy of courage from our pioneer heritage.”

Since the age of 12, she has been involved in politics and was taught her social responsibility was to get involved and make a difference.

Smith is planning the viewing party in Salt Lake and has big plans for it. Plans are still tentative, but she is working with the city to hold the viewing party on the south steps of the capitol building in Salt Lake. Politicians and other community leaders will address those in attendance starting at 5 p.m. Aug. 24. The event already has around 75-125 people already attending, but she is hoping to see around 500 people.

“It takes courage to take a stand,” Smith said. “We need it now more than ever.”

Jennifer Jensen of Draper is planning a private viewing party in her home, and she said even little things like planning a viewing party in your home can help raise awareness and exercise the democratic rights Americans have.

“The biggest change comes from each person and then works its way up,”Jensen said.

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