Police Beat for July 26 to Aug. 1



Aug. 1: A recent BYU graduate had her laptop and monitor stolen from her cubicle in the JRCB.

July 30: A bicycle was stolen from Heritage Halls. The lock had been cut and the bicycle was estimated to be worth $1,600.

July 29: A bicycle was stolen out of an impounded lot. Someone had cut the bicycle lock and took the bike.

July 28: A 23-year-old female was arrested for shoplifting at the BYU Bookstore. She stole four articles of clothing and had three warrants out for her arrest; she was booked in the Utah County Jail.

Suspicious Activity:

July 30: Two male subjects around age 30 were walking around Heritage Halls asking for directions. The police determined the men had no purpose for walking around the area and asked the men to leave.

July 28: A suspicious person was carrying a radio and a backpack in the JSB basement. He seemed to be out of place and an employee called the police. No suspects were found.

July 27: Someone reportedly was launching fireworks in the LaVell Edwards Stadium parking lot. Nobody was found and there was no evidence of fireworks.


July 30: A worker noticed a man playing volleyball without a wristband in the Richards Building. He was warned multiple times before; he cooperated with police and paid the fees.

July 26: A suspect refused to leave the Richards Building when asked. He was not wearing a wristband, but an officer asked him to leave and he complied.

July 24: Two people were trespassing on the LaVell Edwards Stadium football field. When police arrived suspects were gone.


July 29: An EFY counselor reported he found drug-related paraphernalia in the dorms at Helaman Halls.

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