Letter: Voting religion


Maybe I’m not understanding clearly what was written in “LDS and the presidency” (7/28) but it seemed like the conclusion of the letter was Mitt Romney’s devotion to his religion makes him a good candidate (because of what Romney’s faith means to devout LDS members) and Jon Huntsman’s ambiguity about his religion makes him a bad candidate.

This is absurd.

Voting for Romney because of his religion is as ridiculous as voting against him because of it.

Given the Church’s stance of political neutrality, it is impossible to tell what kind of president either candidate would be as a result of their declared (or not declared) religious beliefs.

In fact, Romney’s past policy decisions and a bout of political flip-flopping in the past two years seem to indicate he would be only slightly better than our current President Barack Obama (who has done more to undermine and destroy our Constitution than any president before).

So please, if you like Romney, fine, whatever, just don’t vote for him because he’s a Mormon. That really makes you no more informed than evangelicals who vote against him for the same reason.

Michael Tonks
Palm Beach Gardens, Fla.


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