Letter: Challenges in Government


I was pleased the Speaker of the House held fast on Cut, Cap and Balance.  However, it seems his resolve to keep the debt ceiling and reject tax increases is crumbling.

Instead of confronting Democratic arm-twisters, he now wants to blame Tea Party conservatives.

Radical Democrats relentlessly try to bully Americans into accepting their Redistribution of Wealth heist, their anti-marriage power-grab and their environmental hoaxes.

The economic tactics are always the same, whether it is the debt ceiling, the bailout, the stimulus package or the health-care swindle.

Liberal Democrats push an audacious take-over, and the American people express concern.

The Democrats threaten dire consequences and the Republicans grandstand, then sputter, then wince.

The Democrats demand compromise and accuse the Republicans of following the so-called right-wing fanatics.

Key Republicans cave in, the gloating Democrats win and the smokescreen evaporates.

But we must resolve to stop our country from becoming another Venezuela or USSR.

I understand we need to consider other points of view, but I agree with the analysis of Jim DeMint in Awakening America: the Progressives are staging a coup, and some Republicans seem far too willing to appease them.

If we cannot hold this line, will we retreat from future challenges, including the 2012 election?

Cynthia Hallen
Pleasant Grove


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