Variety of artistic works available to see at SCERA Theater in Orem


Visual art is an expression of feelings and experiences that many people can relate to and during the next several weeks locals will have the chance to delve into this art form.

Penny Jones, a local artist, has put her works of art on display Monday through Saturday from noon to 9 p.m. at the SCERA Center for the Arts in Orem until Aug. 30.

The SCERA displays art exhibits on a monthly basis, said April Berlin, a public relations representative for the SCERA. Jones’ work  is one of many varieties displayed at the SCERA.

“We do everything from amateur to professional artists,” Berlin said. “We’ve had a children’s book author and the illustrations of the children’s book, so we do it all.”

Berlin added there is something that makes Jones’ exhibit special. She creates works of art under the category of found art, which is defined by making art from existing materials like metal that are already used for a different purpose, such scissors, skates, nail files and spoons. She puts them together into sculptures.

“Her exhibit is unique,” Berlin said.  “I have never seen anything like it anywhere. It is stuff that she finds. It is odd pieces of metal or jewelry. She uses flashlights and all kinds of different pieces of metal to make all kinds of metal vehicles from planes, to trains, to flying saucer type things.”

Jones said she is an artist because it is what she loves to do and it is a way of expressing her creativity.

“I enjoy doing it and I love to share it,” Jones said.

Jones added she does sell some of her works, including character sculptures. However, she said it is difficult for her to give some of them away.

“Sometimes I don’t like to share it because it is part of me and I am fond of some of these characters,” Jones said. “I think that artists and people that are creative put a part of themselves in everything they do.”

Jones said she sees the style of found art as an analogy for life.

“I like to organize things,” Jones said. “I think that part of the creative process is organizing, putting things together in an original, different way and that’s what makes you creative. You can do that with any aspect of your life. Reorganize things, make them better and that is what makes you creative.”

Sean Mortensen, the program production manager for the SCERA, is well acquainted with Penny Jones. As an artist himself, he said he understands Jones’ philosophy.

“Penny is nothing short of brilliant,” Mortensen said. “She has done quite a bit of scenic art for the SCERA for many, many years. She is a great artist. I think Penny is not afraid to take chances as an artist. Art is all about taking chances and putting yourself out there. I think the reason people love her art is because she is willing to take a chance.”

Mortensen said Jones creates her art to inspire others and people will see her art and want to try to replicate it.

“It’s about inspiring creativity,” Mortensen said. “That’s what I think good art does. Whether it is choreography on stage, whether it is theater, whether it is whatever, the idea is to inspire people to find their creative element and try to express that.”

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