Letter: How to catch a job


This letter is in response to a complaint to the HR department titled “No jobs on campus” (7/19).

I am sorry you are struggling to find a job — I have been in that position more than once and it is frustrating.

However, it is a false assumption to believe all BYU jobs are filled with people “they already know.”

The first job I ever got at BYU was at the Creamery. I did not know a single person there. When I was interviewed, I was hired on the spot.

Why? Because I was the most qualified person they had interviewed.

Sometime earlier, I had applied to my sister’s job she was leaving upon graduation.

Despite that strong networking connection, I was not hired or even called in for an interview.

Please remember when applying for jobs, there are many other people also applying to that same job — people with lots of great qualifications.

Your application is one of many those in hiring positions have to go through and they most often pick the one they feel is the best fit for the position.

It is true networking often gives an advantage, but an individual must have qualifying attributes besides knowing the right people.

Unless the position is actually within the Human Resources department, HR does not decide who is hired into the positions they post. That is decided by wherever the job posting came from. HR simply posts the job.

Keep up your job search. It is great that you are being proactive.

Ask roommates or friends if they know of anyone who is hiring in order to build up your own network.

I recommend doing things like taking OIT classes to learn important skills to put on your resume, or doing volunteer work, which will give you a better chance of being hired.

Angela Henderson
Camarillo, Calif.


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