Humor U shows brings laughter to summer


This weekend’s Humor U concerts, which features local stand-up comedians and are on Friday and Saturday night, are the only Humor U concerts of the summer term.

According to Andy Smith, 26, from Lake Geneva, Wis., this summer’s Humor U performances will provide viewers with a smorgasbord of laughter and fun.

“Humor U is the best humor group on campus,” Smith said. “I’ve been to several of their shows and each comedian has made me laugh.”

Callie Petterbor, Humor U’s PR officer, said the show is done in general stand-up style, except it is much cleaner and family oriented.

“You will see roughly 10 different Humor U comedians perform their own original stand-up comedy,” Petterbor said in a press release. “Humor U produces eight new shows each year of brand new material. You won’t find a higher value comedy show in Utah.”

Jaquelin Welling, 22, from Las Vegas, was drawn to the show because of a friend’s influence and was surprised by the outcome.

“I went to the show because my friend Stephen Jones was in it,” Welling said. “But everyone was very funny and I enjoyed the whole show.”

The Humor U club is designed to give  students an opportunity to share their rehearsed performances among their peers. Their time and talent is volunteered so the ticket revenues can cover the cost of the show as well as be sent to charity.

Kevin Sewell, 21, from Provo, said he jumps on the chance to go to Humor U.

“Humor U is a fun experience to go to, everyone should at least try it once,” Sewell said. “It’s a nice way to relax after a stressful day and the humor will always be clean so you don’t have to worry about being offended.”

All shows are in the Maeser Auditorium on Friday and Saturday, and tickets are available at the WSC Info Desk for $4. Tickets are $5 at the door.

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