Letter: Professional attire


I work for BYU. The department I work for is hiring to fill a few positions.

I have been able to observe students submit applications and am amazed at their appearances. I have been amazed not a single person has submitted their applications while being professionally dressed.

T-shirts and jeans just don’t cut it.

While I have no say in the hiring process, I can’t believe anyone would go to their future employers office dressed like they just got out of the gym.

Whatever happened to a nice suit and tie or blouse and skirt?

You can only make one first impression and casual day-to-day clothes just don’t cut it.

BYU is a business environment like any other corporation. No one expecting to get hired would show up in casual clothes.

As a silent observer, I would like to say to all those students looking for jobs, step it up.

Even if you are just turning in an application: you might get an on-the-spot interview.

You can only make one first impression with your future boss.

Marshall Smith
Naches, Wash.


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