Letter: Vending expired foods


I have encountered expired food from the vending machines twice during the last semester, once in the JKB and once in the Testing Center.

There might be more cases and other people might have the same situation.

I would like to urge BYU Vending to keep an eye on the expiration dates of the food before putting them in the vending machines as well as the food already in the vending machines so the students will have better peace of mind.

I am sure no one wants to buy something already expired from the vending machines on campus.

Imagine if after you had a snack from one of the vending machines on campus you had to see a doctor because you didn’t feel so well and unfortunately also had to miss the exam the next day.

Or what if an important guest happened to buy some snacks from the vending machine, and then discovered they were all expired. The reputation of BYU would be badly damaged.

BYU Vending does a good job in providing snacks to our community at a reasonably low price.

I am sure BYU Vending has no intention to ever place any expired food in the vending machines.

I would say this happened because not enough attention was given.

I hope those who use the vending machines can check the expiration dates on the food before enjoying them to prevent possible food poisoning.

Ruidi Huang
Chengdu, China


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