Letter: Confusion in Modesty


I finished reading the Friday 411 article on swimwear and felt so confused about people’s confusion with modesty.

One person called girls who wear bikinis bold.

Another wrote how wearing a bikini is OK if you are married and with your husband.

How did we, in Provo of all places, get so confused about what it means to be modest?

If I am married and watch pornography with my wife, does that make it OK? If I watch people beat up some poor kid in the parking lot of the Creamery, should I call them bold?

We don’t get confused about whether these actions are right or wrong, and yet when it comes to whether we should wear triangular strips of cloth or full-body bathing suits we cannot seem to finish the thought.

The Church warns against wearing shirts that do not cover the stomach or are too low cut.

Where is the confusion?

I am a guy, I am married and I get uncomfortable when members of the Church pretend to misunderstand basic principles of the gospel like modesty.

Alan Clark
Mesa, Ariz.


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