Police Beat for June 29-July 4



July 4: Somebody was reportedly stealing items from an apartment at Y Mount. They were noted to be hauling off all types of items including furniture, a television and more. When asked about the incident, it turns out a man was just moving apartments.

July 2: A man reported his blanket had been stolen from the Hinckley Center.

July 1: A woman left her cellphone at a desk in the HBLL, when she returned the phone was missing.

July 1: A new student reported his items were stolen from the Richards Building. However, after searching he found he had been checking the wrong lockers.

June 29: A lady reported a man was stealing laundry from her at an apartment facility. However, it turns out the lady was mistaken, and the laundry was his.


July 4: Two juvenile females were arrested for trespassing at the BYU football stadium.


July 2: Two patrons was struck by a piece of firework during the Stadium of Fire. Neither one was injured or wanted medical assistance.

July 2: Nine ducklings got stuck in a pond near the Museum of Art. An officer put a board down in the pond and the ducklings climbed out.

Suspicious Activity

July 4: Someone was reportedly shooting fireworks in the stadium parking lots.

July 2: A red pickup truck was reported to have people shooting fireworks out of the bed of the truck. Nobody was found.

July 2: A man found a wristband for the Richards Building. He put it on and went in and started playing basketball. When asked about it he cooperated and left the building.

June 29: A boy reported he was bullied at EFY. He said two older boys were harassing him at the dorms.

June 29: Two men were arguing at the Student Athletic Building in the Legacy Hall. The men were arguing because one man didn’t like how the other was disciplining his child. Police officers talked to both men.



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