Police Beat


Suspicious Activity:

June 20: A male was going door to door soliciting insurance at Y Terrace. He was asking for personal information from residents. The man was reported to the campus police, and no suspects were found.

June 18: A male was walking near a bike rack north of the JKB. An officer flashed his lights on the young man, and the man began to run away. Once a police officer talked to his four friends, it turned out they were playing sardines and the man was afraid he was in the area too late. No names were taken.


June 16: A man reported property theft of his bicycle near the JKB. He said the thief took his rear bicycle tire, gears and disk brake mechanism. The thief then replaced these items with a different tire, gears and disk brake and it was of comparable value.

June 15: A student noticed a man checking out padlocks at the Y View Apartments parking lot. The student saw the man jump on a bike and ride off. No suspects were found.

June 15: A visitor reported a charger was taken out of his back pack at the Cannon Center.


June 16: A fire started in the Helaman Halls pavilion. A light pole caught on fire. The Provo Fire Department came and put out the fire. It appeared as though the fire was caused from faulty wiring.

June 15: A student riding a scooter was following closely behind a vehicle heading west on Campus Drive. As the vehicle stopped to turn, the student on the scooter swerved off the road and hit a curb, and the woman fell off of the scooter. Minor injuries were reported.

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