Houses on Parade


By Staley White

Instead of your average papier-mache float and oversized Sponge Bob balloon, this summer, the Utah Valley Home Builders Association is putting houses on parade.

The Utah Valley Parade of Homes has a history in Utah Valley since its start in 2004.  This year, they are showcasing 20 homes in areas stretching from Lehi to as far south as Woodland Hills.

Bronwyn Hadlock, director of events for Utah Valley Home Builders Association, said they established the parade to feature architecture and design work in Utah Valley.

“The reason behind the parade is to showcase the best builders in Utah — their work and the work of subcontractors as well,” Hadlock said.

Expecting up to 13,000 attendees,  Hadlock said the parade is designed to meet a variety of needs.

“We truly cater to everyone,” Hadlock said. “We cater to the homeowner who is just looking for interior decorating ideas.  We cater to the young family who is looking for their first starter home.  We cater to the family who is looking to upgrade and move into a retirement home.  We have something for everyone.”

Parade homes come in every size, shape and price. This year the parade’s starter home is listed at $250,000 and their largest home, which is just over 17,000 square feet, is priced at $3.5 million.

Hadlock said some people come to ooh and ahh at the extreme and luxurious homes as well.

“A lot of time parade goers want to have an experience to go into a home with an indoor swimming pool and an indoor skating rink,” Hadlock said.  “It’s not something you see every day.”

This year, the Utah Valley Home Builders Association has a QR code system for parade-goers to scan and learn more about the homes and their products.  Anyone with a smartphone can scan QR codes to buy tickets and download more information including a Google map and the builder’s information about a home pictured in their magazine.  Even some products and appliances inside the house have a QR code revealing the paint color or subcontractor behind the product.

“We want to make it easier for the parade-goer to obtain their ticket and more information about the home,” Hadlock said, “and for our subcontractors and our sponsors to get their website and their information out as well.”

One of the participating builders and members of the Utah Valley Home Builders Association is Morgan Hatfield, general contractor of Hatfield Homes.  After participating in the Parade of Homes for the past five years, he said it’s a great experience to be in “the playoffs” for builders in the area.

Through an application process, Hatfield submitted homes he designed specifically for the parade. Hatfield said apart from the people in it, a home is a family’s most cherished possession.

“There is joy for the active homeowner,” Hatfield said.  “You get to present a part of yourself through the home.”

Kristen Miller, an interior design major at UVU, said attending the Parade of Homes is a feast for the eye.

“I have gone every year for several years now,” Miller said. “I come to get ideas and see new things — what’s the latest.”

Tickets are sold at every house in the parade and online.  The event will run until June 18, Tuesday through Saturday, from noon until 9 p.m.  For more information go to

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