Viewpoint: The real world


In four days I’m getting married.

Yeah, I’m excited, but these past few weeks have been crazy. I’ve been planning final touches, studying for exams, writing thank you cards and trying to get some sleep. However, somewhere in between the taffeta and tulle, I realized something — I’m about to enter the real world.

This came as a surprise to me — one my fiance doesn’t understand. You see, he’s one of those people who, despite being single, entered the real world as soon as he came to college.

I did not. I still depended on my parents for most everything. There’s nothing wrong with that, but it’s a shock when it’s going away.

To those of you like my finace: I admire you. You have outstanding work ethic, sheer determination to succeed and awesome multitasking skills.

To those of you like me: start practicing the above list.

Now, I am in no way lazy. I work hard in school and get good grades. I still have to work to balance social life with school life. However, the real world involves much more work and planning than I ever thought.

There’s a budget to deal with, and I’m not talking about making sure you don’t spend all the money your parents gave you at the beginning of the month. This budget requires foresight. It has to do at least three things.

First, it must have money going into it. This requires a job. In fact, a lot of the time it requires more than one job.

Second, it must cover your expenses — all of them. This means it covers your tithing, tuition, rent, food, utilities, insurance, date night and those random $5 charges when you have to take your test late at the Testing Center.

Third, and most importantly, it must be planned. I would love to just keep a budget that expands as my needs expanded, but it doesn’t. In fact, sometimes I wonder if it shrinks.

I wish all I needed to prepare for the real world was a budget; however, it doesn’t end there.

Once you enter the world of adults (this world isn’t the 18 and up one, it’s the “hey, you’re married” one), responsibility begins to pour through every open window and door in your life.

Honestly, I’m not ready, but I will be.

You see, there’s something else pouring through every open window and door in your life — blessings.

If you noticed, one of my budget categories is tithing. Sometimes I hesitate to put it there because I try and think of it this way: I don’t pay my tithing — I invest it in the Lord.

I know if I sacrifice like the Church asks me to, I’ll be blessed. This is another lesson in growing up, learning you sometimes have to sacrifice one thing for something better.

Now, where am I going with this?

One word: responsibility.

I considered myself responsible before, and I was. I was as responsible as I needed to be at the time.

I consider myself even more responsible now, and I am. I am learning to be as responsible as I need to be now.

But, ask me in a month if I feel even more responsible. I bet I will.

Life happens. It demands responsibility, respect and, I’ve found, religion.

It pushes you, tries you and, if you do well, makes you a better person.

If you’re feeling unprepared for the future like me, I’ll give you a bit of advice. You are unprepared. Accept it, but still move forward.

I’d rather enter the real world unprepared and work on becoming better than not enter the real world at all.

Allison Goett is the opinion editor for The Daily Universe. This viewpoint represents her opinion and not necessarily that of The Daily Universe, BYU, its administration or The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.


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