Police Beat May 6 – June 30



June 6 A male student was reported viewing pornography in the Harold B. Lee Library. Police met him,  discussed the situation and filed a report.


May 31 Police received a report that an EFY student sent sexually inappropriate texts to another EFY student. Police met both students, filed a report and notified the offending student’s parents. The EFY student was sent home early.

Suspicious Behavior

June 1 A couple was reported arguing around the Bell Tower. When police arrived no one in the area matched the description.

June 3 A suspicious vehicle in Y View was reported to police after an observer noticed lights on the unoccupied building the car was parked by. The vehicle was gone when police arrived.


May 30 A suspicious vehicle was reported entering Y Mount Terrace after a resident saw the passengers looking at unlocked bicycles. When the resident approached the vehicle, it drove away. The resident later saw the Ford Ranger again in Y Mount Terrace driving away with several bikes in the back, which were not there before.

May 31 A locked bicycle was stolen from Y Mount Terrace. Estimated value is $800.

June 2 A locked bicycle was stolen from Y View. Estimated value is $1,800.

June 3 A locked bicycle was reported stolen from Y View. Estimated value is $250.

June 3 Two individuals were caught stealing scrap metal from a construction site around the Snell Building. Both men were arrested and sited for theft.

June 6 A locked bicycle was stolen from Y View. Estimated value is unknown.

Recovered Property

June 4 A stolen car was recovered in parking lot 16 by BYU police. The car and all valuables in it were returned intact to the owner.

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