Teach ’em how to Jimmer (and Jackson, too)


Former BYU stars and teammates Jimmer Fredette and Jackson Emery will host a basketball camp at the XSI Factory in Lehi today and Saturday.

“All the time people ask Jimmer and me, ‘What did you guys do at an early age to become the players you are today?’” Emery said on the camp’s website. “This will be a great opportunity for us to discuss and demonstrate what we’ve done to become successful basketball players.”

The camp will provide an opportunity for the former teammates to be together again on the basketball court before they go their separate ways. Fredette is expected to be a top 20 NBA draft selection, and Emery has said he plans to play overseas this next year.

“It’s been a great journey with Jimmer and we’re excited to share what we’ve learned before we embark on our professional careers,” Emery said.

The camp will focus largely on fundamental basketball skills including ball handling, shooting and proper technique.

It will accommodate players from third graders to seniors in high school. The campers will participate in large group activities and will be allotted sessions according to their age groups.

Today the camp will focus mostly on what Emery and Fredette do during their normal workouts. After the short clinic, the former teammates will talk to the campers about what they’ve learned and experienced from basketball. Campers will also receive autographed T-shirts and a camp ball, as well as a chance to take their picture with Emery and Fredette.

Saturday there will be three sessions where the former Cougars will help campers improve on their basketball skills.

“Campers will learn from one of the top backcourts in college basketball. Jackson and Jimmer will demonstrate their workout routine and teach campers drills that will help them achieve their basketball goals,” Emery said in an email to media members.

Colton Benham, a sophomore in high school from Suwanee, Ga., is flying out to attend the camp.

“I expect to learn a lot and have tons of fun,” he said. “I can’t wait to see what Jimmer and Jackson are like. I hope to become a better player, improve my shot and improve my dribbling skills.”

The cost per camper is $195. More information regarding the camp is available on the camp’s website jacksonandjimmer.com.


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