Letter: Still hoping, still dating


What about the single guys who do get it?

General Conference was clear about the importance of marriage and not putting it off, but in context it really only applies to those who are passing up worthy opportunities.

I have never placed taking trips, more schooling, new career heights, finances or any other fear of missing some alternate opportunity (that includes being afraid of making a wrong choice of who to marry) above choosing to marry someone who was worthy of my proposal.

In truth, I would give up all I have for a celestial marriage and yet somehow at age 32 I identify better with all the worthy single young women President Thomas S. Monson extolled.

Ironically, however, I’m suffering the same fate as those older single guys who just don’t get it.

To the girl who stood me up last weekend, it’s not just guys who don’t get it.

To the dating world, guys need to do the asking, but that doesn’t mean the girls’ role shouldn’t be equal.

Show interest in who you are interested in if you want dates: eye contact and a smile are the only hints I’ve ever really needed to ask out the girls I wanted to get to know better.

Reciprocate: guys should show interest/lack of interest through date invites, girls should show interest/lack of interest in between invites.

To my future wife, I will never give up on dating in order to find you, but if I don’t find you (while respecting the reality that many 20-somethings here on campus don’t want a 32-year-old approaching them), then I hope you will find me.

Chad Parker
Saratoga Springs


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