Church History Museum holds “Artists at Work” Event


    By Rachel Scroggins

    Many events at museums often revolve around children with the hope they will take an interest in history and want to learn. For those who are older, not as many activities are available to introduce them to the history.

    “We have always had many programs and activities and tours planned specifically for children … but for quite some time, our adult patrons have been standing in the shadows,” said Angela Aimes, church history educator at the Church History Museum. “This event was the kickoff for our new program series for adults, ”Evenings at The Museums”.”

    The Church History Museum in Salt Lake City held the “Artists at Work” event on Feb. 27. The public interacted with different artists while they worked in their various expertises such as sculpture, painting and weaving.

    Ortho Fairbanks, the sculptor featured at the event, brought different pieces which featured many prominent LDS figures and prophets. Fairbanks mentioned his favorite person to sculpt was LDS Church President David O. McKay because he posed for Fairbanks personally and was very easy to get along with.

    While visitors strolled around the museum, artist Charlene Lind wove a rug, Elizabeth Peterson created bobbin lace and Mary Smart played the harp. Artist Sheri Doty, who draws with colored pencil, and oil painters Garth and Anne Marie Oborn were also there displaying their work.

    “This is a special event to bring people out to the Church History Museum,” said Jessie Embry, a docent at the museum for the last 20 years. “It”s amazing to see how artists work and the different variety of work that is in art. You are able to see what the artists are doing. I didn”t appreciate art but now I do since I have served here. This event is a nice way to encourage people to want to come back.”

    Upcoming events include guest lectures by Susan Easton Black on April 23 and Michael Wilcox on Oct. 1. An outdoor celebration for Pioneer Day will be held June 26 with dancing, games, food and historical pioneer visitors from the past. There will also be a musical event held in November.

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