CHHP to stop issuing athletic clothing


    By Madison Highland

    The College of Health and Human Performance has decided to stop issuing clothing for faculty and students enrolled in activity classes or using athletic equipment.

    The new policy will be implemented April 28, the first day of spring term.

    Due to a downturn in the economy, CHHP has decided this is one way to reduce costs.

    ?Costs have been evaluated and studied,? said Larry Neal, director of Health and Human Performance Services.

    How much CHHP will save is still unknown.

    ?It is completely up in the air,? Neal said. ?We do know that we are going to save money. We just aren?t sure how much yet.?

    Officials plan to have a more accurate estimate of how much they will save in the fall.

    Neal said spring and summer semesters are quieter, so the fall semester will give them a more accurate amount.

    Instead of issuing clothing, CHHP plans to use wristbands as a way to keep track of people.

    So far, two scenarios for the wristbands have been brought to the table.

    CHHP has decided to eliminate the requirement that all faculty and students rent lockers.

    For students or faculty who choose to rent lockers out for the year or the semester, a reusable wristband will be given to them to use for the duration of their locker rental. Along with the wristband, those who rent lockers will be provided with towel services.

    For those who choose not to rent lockers, a wristband will have to be issued to

    them every time they use the facilities. Further, they will not be provided with towel services.

    Although faculty and students are required to provide their own exercise clothing, university dress standards still apply.

    ?Clothing must be clean, modest and appropriate for the activity,? Neal said. ?They must be consistent with current policy.?

    Labels or logos that are found offensive will not be allowed.

    Although CHHP realizes some people may not approve of the change, they still maintain a positive attitude.

    ?I think students will like the new policy,? Neal said.

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