Dream big: BYU alumnus releases inspirational art book


    By Kelli King

    Dreams can be more real than they appear to be, as proven by Alex Bigney in his first book.

    Bigney, an artist and BYU alumnus, wrote ?Talking to Tesla: The Mirror That is the Door? as a journal based on his dreams. He is a painter and a part-time professor at Utah Valley University.

    The book is a collection of dreams Bigney had in which 19th and 20th century inventor, engineer and scientist Nikola Tesla visited him. The dream conversations and interactions with Tesla have influenced Bigney?s art and perspective on life. He said he hopes that the book can help the lives of others.

    Close friend and fellow artist Kent Wing provided the cover art for the book. He paints full-time and teaches at UVU part-time. Wing and Bigney both earned master?s degrees from BYU in painting. Wing was involved in the process of developing the book from the beginning. He provided Bigney support as he kept a personal journal and worked with him to transform it into the book.

    Bigney began keeping his dream journal in 2004 and soon realized that his own personal experiences and inspirations can apply to all artists.

    ?The way ?Talking to Tesla? was written, the messages aren?t drawing attention to actual events,? Wing said. ?The viewer, the audience gets to decide what they believe.?

    Bigney?s lessons from Tesla have a clear message.

    ?The book is a catalyst of the idea that every person has the potential to be creative,? Wing said.

    The arts play an important role in human life.

    ?It?s really not all about science and math,? Wing said. ?There are aspects of us as human beings that need the arts. This language [of arts] is how we connect to each other.?

    Our creativity is what makes mankind special, said Bigney.

    ?That?s what makes us humans and not animals: that we can create,? Bigney said

    Bigney said one can read ?Talking to Tesla? cover to cover in two days or over the course of a month. He does suggest that all readers read it all the way through instead of just skimming.

    ?If you read [the book], it?s like a scavenger hunt,? Bigney said.

    The author uses the symbol of the mirror to help give perspective.

    ?The paintings were only mirrors of myself,? Bigney said. ?The world that I see is only a mirror of myself.?

    Artists can take Bigney?s experience and words of encouragement and interpret them differently.

    In the preface of the book, Bigney wrote, ?How the reader ultimately interacts with this account and my reasoning ? I can?t decide; but the events, the dreams, I believe them to be real ? at least as real as anything can be.?

    ?Talking to Tesla? has already touched hearts in the short time it has been around.

    Wellness practitioner Toni van Gils said about the book in a review, ??Talking to Tesla? is pure magic ? an illusion that feels very, very real. My heart will never be the same.?

    An event is being held tonight on behalf of the publication of ?Talking to Tesla.? The book release party will begin at 7 at the Springville Museum of Art.

    ?Talking to Tesla: The Mirror That is the Door? is available for purchase online at talkingtotesla.com.

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