Airsoft arena a new part of Orem


    By Kresha Worton

    Two brothers are making plans to expand their Orem business, Weapon Bender Airsoft, to include an airsoft gun arena.

    The store, operated by Kelly Monson and his brother Travis, currently sells airsoft guns, replacement parts, protective gear and airsoft accessories. The Monson brothers plan to expand their business by building a 12,000 square foot indoor battle arena in the warehouse behind their store.

    Kelly Monson said the arena is to be built as an urban cityscape where groups of up to 24 people can engage in simulated warfare.

    ?We will provide all the guns and protective equipment at the arena for groups who want to come play,? Kelly said.

    Kelly said that airsoft is similar to laser tag and paintball but there are definite advantages to airsoft that the other two do not provide.

    ?Airsoft guns shoot projectiles and are more realistic looking than laser and paintball guns,? he said.

    Kelly said one of the other features of the airsoft business is that individuals can play, not just groups of people. Weapon Bender will provide employees to battle against individuals so people do not have to have a group on hand to participate.

    Kelly said the airsoft arena is designed to provide college students with entertainment and could be an interesting date night activity.

    ?Our target audience [is] males ages 18-36, but definitely airsoft can provide entertainment for all ages and types of people,? Kelly said.

    According to Kelly they are planning on having the arena open around the end of April or May. Arena hours are scheduled to be from 3 – 10 p.m.

    Sean Cornwell, a junior in the engineering program, said he thinks the airsoft arena will be a great addition to the college entertainment found in the Provo and Orem area.

    ?I know lots of guys that have airsoft guns and to have a course to battle on would be great,? Cornwell said. ?It would prevent me and my roommates from putting holes in our walls.?

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