Letters to the DU Editor for Feb. 2, 2009


    Wait to see

    The fact that Elder Ballard said that Obama is “sincere and capable,” and that he told us to pray for President Obama, really doesn’t back up any argument. Sorry. I’m sure you can find quotes by a General Authorities that tell the saints of every generation to pray for their president, or that presidents have been “inspired.” Please just shut up about how great (or how horrible) Obama is and wait to see what he does, because all I know is that I’m paying for abortions now as a U.S. citizen.

    Murrieta, Calif.

    Universal health care

    To people who oppose universal health coverage: As a matter of personal integrity, I assume that you do not use government-run Medicare or the superior VA hospitals. I challenge you to let us know.

    Isn’t it odd that people with coverage would deny it to others? What about people who cannot afford the $1300 premium per month that I pay for only three people? Please tell me why this is not an attack on the middle class by the criminal health-insurance syndicates? Universal coverage is simply Medicare insurance for everybody with private doctors, private hospitals and choice of doctors. It is a basic human right in every industrialized democracy, except for America.

    That it works is proved by the life spans – Japan: 82.6 years, Switzerland: 81.7, Australia: 81.2, Spain: 80.9, Sweden: 80.9, Israel: 80.7. Now for France: 80.7 (Even with a much higher smoking rate, they still live longer lives than Americans. Smoking is 120 percent higher than in the worst areas of New York City).

    Canada: 80.7, Italy: 80.5, New Zealand: 80.2, Norway: 80.2, United Kingdom: 79.4 (they must be doing something right), Germany: 79.4, Ireland: 78.9. And for comparison, Cuba: 78.3 and the United States: 78.2. Our system is inhumane and a disgrace.


    Political neutrality

    In response to “God’s justification” and “Straw man argument,” LDS Democrats and Republicans, read my figurative lips: the LDS church is politically neutral! The Brethren sometimes (rarely) state their personal opinions, but you’ll notice that they never do it in statements to the whole church. Go to http://newsroom.lds.org/ldsnewsroom/eng/public-issues/political-neutrality and hear the Brethren say it themselves.

    The quote from David O. Mckay in “Straw man argument” which said “Nor is war justified in the enforcement of a new order of government …” taken in context, it makes sense. In 1942, it was WWII. If the author of “Straw man” is saying war is never justified to change government, then what of the American Revolution, which enforced a change of government? Is McKay saying that the Founding Fathers were wrong, when we have nearly countless quotes from the Brethren saying it was God’s will? Jonathan A. Dibble cites many of them to show divine intervention in his article in the October 1987 Ensign titled “Delivered by the Power of God: The American Revolution and Nephi’s Prophecy.” Look it up. It’s really good.

    Yes, carefully and prayerfully read the scriptures and the words of the Brethren, and come to your own personal conclusions, but please don’t claim that it’s the view of the Brethren or the Church, unless the Brethren say so in a public address to all of us (in General Conference, the Ensign/Liahona or an official church statement). Doing anything else is twisting their words.

    Jonesboro, Ga.

    Personal foul

    I was shocked to read last Friday’s letter titled “Lack of hustle, weak shooting.” The letter blamed Tavernari for the losses the men’s basketball team has faced this season. It’s one thing to make a side comment to a friend at the game, but to send in a letter numbering off the things a hard-working player has done wrong lacks any amount of class.

    I was a varsity player all four years of high school, played on nationally ranked teams and won regional championships, but I still cannot judge another team. No matter how well anyone knows a sport, no one can judge the team unless they are on it. To try just shows poor sportsmanship.

    Most importantly, I know that losses do not come from a single player – unless you’re playing singles in tennis.

    We need to support our teams and not pick them apart and blame them. After all, they give a decent portion of their time to the school with practices, traveling, games and other events.

    Tavernari is not to blame for the team’s losses and neither is Coach Rose. But no matter what Tavernari’s or any of the player’s shooting percent is, they deserve the best from us – their fans and fellow students.

    Lake Oswego, Ore.

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