Students Earn Extra Money by Reading The Daily Universe


    By April Palmer Chalk

    Students are getting paid to read The Daily Universe.

    Devin Higgins, a senior majoring in physiology and developmental biology, reads The Daily Universe everyday, and he enters every contest. One morning he opened the paper and saw a picture of himself. Higgins won a contest that he did not even have to enter.

    He brought the paper home to his wife, Shelley, who read the paper for 15 minutes before finding what her husband was so excited about. With the $100 gift card to Macey’s, Devin and Shelley were able to buy steaks for the first time in their two years of marriage.

    “Usually we can’t afford that kind of thing, but after Devin won the contest we bought the food to have a nice dinner,” Shelley Higgins said.

    Each week, The Daily Universe has two pictures of candid readers and if they open up to find their picture the next day in the paper they win a $100 gift certificate to Smith’s or Maceys. So far, more than 11 people have seen themselves in the paper and claimed their prize.

    Stephanie Gaufin received multiple texts one Friday morning telling her to look inside The Daily Universe. When she realized that she won a $100 gift certificate she sold the gift certificate to her mom.

    “We learn in business that cash is king,” Gaufin said. “I am saving the cash to buy stocks later.”

    Erica Ann Thomas was also informed by friends that she was in the newspaper; during her morning class her cell phone was constantly vibrating.

    “I splurged and bought some songs from iTunes and a new shirt, but I saved the rest,” Thomas said.

    David Lake, majoring in English, reads The Daily Universe almost everyday, but his cousin texted him the good news before he made it past the front page. When Lake went on his grocery shopping spree, he took his roommates with him.

    “We had a barbecue with all the trimmings,” Lake said.

    The contest will continue through the end of the semester, so there are still more chances to get caught and get paid.

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