BYUSA Elections Draw One Step Closer


    By Mark Boothe

    Students congregated in the Wilkinson Student Center Terrace Wednesday, awaiting the announcement of who would be the final two candidate pairs competing for the BYUSA president and executive vice president positions.

    The following final candidates were announced by current BYUSA President Summer Price: Adam Ruri, president, Chance Basinger, executive vice president; Steele Kizerian, president, Amanda Kizerian, executive vice president.

    “All four students bring unique talents and enthusiasm for serving other students,” said Nate Ward, assistant director of student leadership.

    Ruri and Basinger ended up with the largest amount of votes, claiming 32.46 percent. The Kizerians came in second place with 23.29 percent.

    Ruri and Basinger plan to implement the following initiatives if elected:

    1. Improve relations with Provo City Council to increase student participation and awareness of community decisions, including holding town hall meetings1.

    2. Host pre- and post-game events as attendance incentives to athletic events

    3. Regularly utilize advertising space in The Daily Universe for BYUSA events and programs

    4. Continue efforts to encourage students to Redefine Service

    5. Actively solicit and implement ideas for new BYUSA events and programs

    6. Expand and broaden recruiting programs to involve new volunteers

    “Together, Chance and I have the experience inside BYUSA and inside the BYU community to take the bull by the horns and really get in and serve the students,” Ruri said.

    The Kizerians plan to implement the following initiatives if elected:

    1. Facilitate a service component at BYUSA events through the Center For Service and Learning

    2. Create and post a list of opportunities to get involved across campus

    3. Research the initiation of an opportunity fair,3. potentially involving internships, research and service

    4. Virtues of the semester

    “Vote for us if you want a long-term impact,” Steele Kizerian said.

    The BYUSA elections committee was pleased with the number of votes collected this year, a total of 4,873. This is the most votes cast in the past few years.

    “We”re excited for the number of votes we received, which is high above the national average,” said Chris Giovarelli, elections chair.

    The elections committee would like to remind students to vote before Friday at 5 p.m. by logging onto route Y, or by going to and clicking vote now.

    The new BYUSA president and executive vice president will be announced Friday at 5 p.m. in the WSC Terrace.

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